ACCMS-Theme Meeting on “Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Materials and structures for Sustainable Development” Cogent Engineering

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Call for papers

Cogent Engineering welcomes submissions to a special issue on “Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Materials and Structures for Sustainable Development” 

ACCMS-TM 2018 aims to promote international exchange of ideas and to share recent advances and developments in all aspects of multi-scale modeling methodology and application in computational materials science. Emphasis is placed on new ideas in the form of novel theories, refined mathematical models and innovative simulation approaches to solve complex multi-disciplinary problems. Of specific interests are simulation techniques linking different hierarchies in physics, mechanics, chemistry, materials science, composite, engineering, and bio-medicines as well as the coarse-grained methodologies linking quantum, atomistic and statistical theories to modeling engineering problems at the continuum scale.

The topic of “Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Materials and Structures for Sustainable Development” 

The topics include, but are NOT limited to, the following:

1. Multi-scale modeling and simulations

2. Materials for energy storage and conversion

3. Nano-devices for information storage

4. Nanostructure materials, multiferroics materials, 2D materials, vdW materials

5. Biomaterials, Biosystems, Bioinformatics, Bioengineering and Nanomedicine, Physical organic

6. Catalytic materials

7. Smart materials

8. Advanced composite and functional-graded materials and structure

9.  Oxide-based materials

10.  Materials Informatics and Genome

11. Computational mechanics of advanced materials and structures

12. Static, dynamic stability and vibration of plates, shells and composite structures

13.  Structures with dynamic crack propagation 

14.  Constructions and advanced structures subjected to special loads

15. Piezoelectric composite, magnetic and auxetic materials

16.  Advanced materials in renewable Energy

17.  Carbon-carbon composite 3D, 4D

18.  Materials and Structures in Civil Engineering

19.  Advanced Materials for Environmental Engineering

20.  Applied Mathematics in Mechanics and Engineering  


To submit your work, please visit the journal’s dedicated online submission system:

Submission is now open. The deadline for submission for this special issue is November 30, 2018. During the submission process you will be able to indicate that your work is intended for the special issue on “Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Materials and Structures for Sustainable Development”. 

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