Cogent Psychology Editors

Peter Walla (Editor-in-Chief), Webster Vienna Private University, Austria and University of Newcastle, Australia

The editorial team of Cogent Psychology is led by Professor Peter Walla, based at School of Psychology, Newcastle University, Australia. Peter’s career began at Yokohama City University in Japan where he was trained in the most sophisticated neurophysiology related to single cell recordings. He then graduated at the Vienna University, Department of Zoology.

After being introduced to the single neuron level, Peter learned all essential skills to enter the world of human brain research. Peter's PhD was completed in 1998 with work about human memory functions. At that stage, he had already collected nine authorships on peer-reviewed Neuroscience-publications in highly ranked journals, had written several successful grant proposals and broadened his mind through further international collaborations. Peter was awarded with the highest European academic qualification at two different universities; Cognitive Neurobiology, Medical University, Vienna and Biological Psychology, Vienna University.

Peter is well experienced in Neuroimaging-related research in fields such as memory, olfaction, cognition and emotion. His expertise spans from designing brain imaging studies over data analysis to the interpretation of results. His neurobiological thinking spreads out a very refreshing atmosphere at the School of Psychology.

Monika Koller, WU Vienna, Austria

Monika is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing, WU Vienna. Her current teaching and research interests deal with marketing, consumer psychology, consumer neuroscience, measurement issues in marketing and consumer behaviour, new and social media, technology and innovation research. Monika’s work has been published in many multidisciplinary prestigious journals. She regularly serves as a reviewer, track or session chair for the major international conferences in marketing and consumer neuroscience. She has won several best paper awards at including CLAV (2011), NeuroPsychoEconomics (2010), and received a highly commended award from the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2010).

Stefan Elmer, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Elmer is senior researcher at the Division Neuropsychology of the University of Zurich (Switzerland) were he is responsible for the Auditory Research Group. His research interest is focused on better comprehending functional and structural plasticity of the auditory system in general and music and language expertise in particular. The purpose of his research is to contribute to better understanding cortical and subcortical reorganization processes, as well as transfer effects, originating from intensive music and language training, foreign language learning, and exposition to spectrotemporal acoustic cues. The main instruments of his research are behavioural measurements, functional fMRI, structural MRI, and EEG.

Cornelia Duregger, Neuroconsult, Austria

Cornelia Duregger is a Clinical and Health Psychologist with a strong neuroscience background. She completed her studies and her postgraduate education in Austria. She is trained in  electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) and utilised both methods at the general hospital in Vienna. Her work in Vienna also included the employment at a sleep laboratory at a private hospital and the involvement in a conjoint science education project, which she is still doing psychological and neuroscience-related counselling as well as psychological and physiological testing for. During her several stays in Australia she was engaged in functional Magnet Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and conducted various research projects.