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How much do you know about open access?

Things you might not know about Impact Factor

What is the Impact Factor?

The Impact Factor (or IF) continues to play a prominent role in the ranking of academic journals in many fields. In essence, the Impact Factor simply denotes the average citations to recent articles published in a…


Why publish open access?

Choose open access, global reach and citation.

In an increasingly open digital space, access to learning is paramount. With open access, more articles are shared, viewed, downloaded, cited and shared again, and the benefits of optimum…


How much do you know about open access?

Do you know what an APC is? Do you know what the different types of peer review are? Do you know what OASPA stands for?
For those people who aren't familiar with open access publishing, it might seem a little confusing. Some people have…


Who benefits from open access?

As knowledge is brought to the wider public through open access it empowers positive change. Yet much questioning persists surrounding the importance of open access, so just how does it create positive change? Who truly benefits from the…


Creative Commons, Copyright, Open Access

Creative Commons, Copyright and Open Access

What might copyright look like in the twenty-first century?

In 2015, the European Parliament reviewed the copyright legislation reform, accommodating future technological developments. We must…


Sharing data means sharing the full research story

Open access facilitates sharing as never before. Learn how we support our authors in sharing supplementary material and datasets.

Author benefits

Some of the obvious incentives for authors when choosing to tell a full research story are…


A – Z Glossary of Terms


A summary (100–200 words) of your article, including a description of the main objective (s) of the study, how the study was conducted and the implications of the findings.


Recognition for funding and…