#OpenInOrderTo increase visibility and increase readership

Publishing open access (OA) allows for limitless visibility and the potential for higher readership. In fact, studies have shown that open access articles are read twice as many times as those traditionally published.

How does publishing OA increase the reach of your research?

  • Increased discoverability of your research

Increased visibility can lead to a larger readership which could result in more citations, both of which can help your career or funding prospects.

  • Impact beyond traditional subject fields 

Having no barriers to readership can benefit interdisciplinary research and means articles have the potential to reach beyond their traditional subject fields and outside academia.

  • Easier to influence policy makers and gain attention from the media 

Access to research can help inform policy makers, lead to research breakthroughs and improve our everyday lives. Open Access makes it easier for policy makers, non-government agencies, the media, educators, and practitioners to put research into action.

View examples of Cogent OA articles featured in popular media outlets: Washington Post, The Guardian, Huffington Post.

  • Share your final published article any way you want 

You can talk about it on social media, include it on academic networking sites, or post it on your departmental or personal website or in a repository, all increasing the reach and potential impact of your work. Cogent OA’s marketing team also works hard to globally market your research.

  • Speed of publication 

The time from submission to publication with many scholarly peer-reviewed journals can take months. At Cogent OA we aim to provide you with a fast first decision within 35 days of submission. Once accepted, your manuscript will be published online, usually within 3 days, and made free to access online with no restrictions.

  • Access article metrics

You can see and monitor downloads, citations and online activity for your article, watching the engagement and reach of your article grow. View examples of articles with high altmetric scores from Cogent Psychology and Cogent Arts & Humanities.

Want to understand more about altmetric scores? View here.

  • OA offers the same high standards throughout peer review, production and into publication

Anyone reading or publishing a research article in one of our journals can be reassured that the same high standards are applied as in traditional publishing models.

  • Guaranteed legacy preservation of your article

Publishing OA means your article will be available forever.

If everyone can see and share my work, does it still belong to me? Yes!

You, as an author or co-author, retain copyright to your work and are asked to grant Cogent OA the right to publish the article as the final, definitive and citable Version of Scholarly Record.

We use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license on articles published in the Cogent Series. You retain copyright and allow anyone else to distribute, remix and build upon your work; commercial reuse is also allowed. Anyone doing so must attribute the work in the manner specified by you or the licensor.

When you publish Gold OA, the final typeset and copyedited version of a journal article (Version of Record) is published after a quality production service. However, we understand that you would like your article to be accessible as soon as possible, and for this reason we publish the author accepted version of the manuscript usually within 3 days of acceptance. Accepted manuscripts are fully citeable using the DOI number and are replaced by the final version of the article after approximately three weeks.

For more information on the Creative Commons Attribution licenses take a look at the human readable summary, or the  full legal code.


Still unsure how we are #OpenInOrderTo increase visibility and readership? Get in touch with us at info@cogentoa.com.