What are the benefits of publishing Open Access with Cogent OA?

We provide worldwide visibility

With no restrictions on viewing, studies have shown that open access articles are read twice as many times as those traditionally published; this vastly increased readership opens the door for your research to be cited more.

When you publish your manuscript with Cogent OA, we don’t take the visibility of open access for granted. We work hard to disseminate your work even further by sharing through social media, promoting at events and distributing it to other academics in your field.

Fully peer reviewed

All research articles submitted to Cogent OA journals that are selected for peer review are sent to two or more independent reviewers, selected by our editors. They evaluate submissions on scholarly merit, sound methodology and research integrity; manuscripts are never rejected purely on the grounds of perceived importance or impact on the research community.

Broad-scope, multidisciplinary Journals

The Cogent Series is comprised of 15 broad-scope mega journals, and this breadth and scope allows us to find a home for all sound research. We pride ourselves on helping authors build connections across disciplines and gain maximum visibility for their work.

Freedom Article Publishing Charges (APC)

Cogent OA operates a Freedom APC model whereby if you don’t have funds available to you, you can choose the APC you can afford. Authors without direct funding/support should talk to their librarian and faculty about options that may be available. Most importantly, you will only be invoiced once your paper has been accepted after peer review. Our team of editors and reviewers receive no information about payments at any stage.

For more information, and to find out what APCs pay for please see here

You retain the copyright to your work

When you publish open access with Cogent OA, you retain the copyright to your work. We use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license, which means that anyone can distribute, remix and build upon your work, promoting innovation and cross-disciplinary, global collaborations.

Authors love us

Survey results show that our authors rate us 9/10 for their overall satisfaction with the publishing experience. Submit your manuscript today and find out why.